Feature on Textiles Inc

It looks like I was not the only one who was been busy during quarantine.

As a result of Covid-19, a lot of textile students were not able to go on their work experience placements during the summer holidays. I luckily was not affected as I am the year below, but many course mates in the year above me were severely affected by the virus.

The Textiles Inc website was started by one of the third year students as a result of this.

So what is Textiles Inc?

“Textiles Inc is a collective for textile designers to show and promote their portfolios. It will also offer useful information about upcoming competitions, events and galleries around the UK. 

Many internships have been cancelled or postponed due to Co-Vid 19 along with other events such as New Designers. Textiles Inc offers a unique opportunity to promote Textile designers and students by sharing articles and work.”

This platform allowed a unique way of displaying people’s portfolios and articles all in one place. It is a great thing for perspective employers to look at too as well as helping other textile students to support each other.

I have to say one of my favourite articles from the website has to be Navigating Textiles with Dyslexia, My Inspirational Journey. This post gave me an insight into Francesca’s journey with Textile Design and dyslexia and how she was able to finish her degree, despite her difficulties. Very inspirational indeed! You can find that post here.

I was lucky enough to have been selected to put up my portfolio up on the website alongside my other textile peers. It has been a great opportunity to get my work out there into the world. Their Instagram page also provides a great insight into upcoming designers getting featured on the website.

Textiles Inc Instagram featuring my work.

You can find the website here and their Instagram page here. I am so grateful to have been part of this project and support other creatives in this difficult time.

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