Data and Pattern

This project was about finding new ways to collect data and how we can interpret it into new patterns. I thought this was a bit of a weird project at first, (when don’t I?), but it really does make a lot more sense as a nearly third year student.

I found myself drawn particularly to how you can record the beats of music down on paper. I liked investigating with different styles of music so I listened to and recorded on paper the differences between Classical and Indian music.

This led me to create some large scale drawings created with Promarkers and inks of the trackings of music. I also used colours to show the differences in the style and feel of music, which gives a different element to the pieces.

Pattern based on Schubert’s Swan Song.
Pattern based on Maar Daala, a piece of Indian music.

Not only did I experiment with the data from music but also with colour. This specific piece looks at how many colours I used in another project and how I recorded it down on the paper underneath. I then added the cut out circles and added marks inside according to what data I was recording at that time.

Colour data on paper.

This project really opened my eyes to new ways to collect data and how to reconfigure it into pattern.

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