Abstract Faces

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling 22! My brother hates how I sang this all day on his birthday, but it is just a right of passage on your 22nd birthday.

This embroidery actually started off as a quick five minute drawing where you could only look at the person and not the paper. These sketches turned out really nicely and ended up being a fun way to pass the time on a family holiday.

I transferred the drawings onto fabric and then just went wild with the freehand embroidery setting and a zig zag stitch. However, I did that a year ago and decided that I didn’t like it unfortunately, so it got left in a drawer to be forgotten about.

It was only when I got back from university after the lockdown restrictions that I decided I liked it and wanted to continue it.

To finish off the piece properly, I decided to hand stitch into it instead. I thought it added some texture as well as a little difference in texture.

I ended up framing the sample and giving it as his ‘card’, which has been a longstanding tradition of ours.

I think he liked it?!

Finished product.

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