Selling on Etsy

I think everyone has their time selling things on Etsy. My time was summer 2019.

One great piece of advice my brother gave me was, don’t think, just start. Come to think of it, he’s amazing. He’s very clever, hard working, and I really look up to him. He is also very modest. So I didn’t think, and I just started making. One of his greatest life lessons right there. I am so lucky to have a brother like him.

Here is a picture of my amazing brother

My product was some appliqué samples presented in embroidery hoops and appliqué bunting. The samples were made when I was a little bored at university and needed a project in the evenings. Crazy considering my degree is to do things like that anyway.

The first embroidery hoop was a hand embroidered flower and bee. It took me a long time to finish this sample, but I am so happy I did. I added little flourishes with beads which just lit up the sample a little.

The second embroidery hoop is obviously a Hula Hoop packet. This sample was a combination of appliqué and machine embroidery which made it look a lot more gold and glittery in real life. I also added gold thread, of which, my sewing machine did not enjoy.

I made the bunting out of old scraps of fabric I had in my fabric box. It was a really nice way of using up my old fabrics, especially with old sari silks that I had. I actually decorated my hallway with the bunting which added a little something to the high ceilings in a tenement flat.

However, you can probably tell that I didn’t sell any of these products. I uploaded everything up onto Etsy, but it just didn’t get the footfall that it needed to sell my creations. I have learnt that selling on Etsy is not just a thing you can do on the side, but something that needs nourishment and time to let it grow. It just didn’t work with my busy summer work schedule unfortunately.

Hey ho, more to decorate my new room with!

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