The Patch Project

So during this lockdown period, it seems that I have turned into a 40 year old women who cares about their vegetable patch and herb garden, but here we are.

This whole gardening project started as something for my dad and I to do during lockdown and force us to actually go outside.

We found some seeds and seedlings at the Range as they were deemed an essential shop. It seemed that everybody else got a similar idea so we grabbed anything they had left. We left with some rather sad cabbage seedlings, beetroot, fennel, radishes, shallots, red onions, potatoes, peas, french beans and strawberries. Quite a lot to fit into our garden!

The individual watercolour drawings.

I decided to make a plan for our vegetable patch. I researched where were the best places for the different plants to be placed according to the sunlight and the condition of the soil.

After much digging, it was time to plan out the patch, which I decided to illustrate. The drawing was done using a combination of watercolour paints, gouache, coloured pencils and fineliners.

The patch illustration.

I then decided to create a concertina sketchbook on each of the vegetables and some information about the plants. I also wanted to test out my new Arteza watercolour palette and give it the trial run that it deserved.

For the cover and the back of the book, I made a homemade stamp and created a half brick print pattern.

Back cover.

I think it all came together nicely and I fully achieved the want for a kitchen garden as a 20 year old.

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