Final Scarf Designs

It seems like an age since I have actually written for this blog, but here we are. I realised that I didn’t show you guys my final designs!

The feedback from Strathberry was to mute the colours down from the quite primary colours I initially chose. That was a key lesson in this project, working to a client’s taste. It was difficult to manage as you don’t want to completely change your design, but you don’t want to upset the client. Definitely a tricky tightrope to cross!

I decided to create three final designs inspired by the old Great Western Railway posters. Each design was created with how the consumer could wear the scarf: tied at the neck, hanging loose and as a hair scarf.

Looking back, this project this taught me a lot about what the design world is actually like, especially working to time scales. I also learnt how to set out my work in a professional way that can be read easily and that my ideas are communicated clearly throughout.

Unfortunately I didn’t win the competition, but the winners designs were so were so perfect for the company’s brand and the brief they set. It was the perfect brief and I came out of this project with work I was really proud of, especially in the time limit we had.

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