Moorish Architecture and Symbolism

A trip to Spain provided me with all of the inspiration images for this project. In particular, I looked at the Alhambra in Granada, the Alzcázar in Seville and the Mequita in Cordoba. This subject matter was great because it has provided a little bit of escapism in the dark Scottish winter and of course the Coronavirus.

Each of these places has their own history and reasons behind their creation. For example, the Alhambra was meant to be a palace that connected you closer to God and was meant to be an architectural nirvana.

I actually gained a lot of research from a documentary called Art of Spain on the BBC. It was really informative and reminded me that research can come in many forms from TV, podcasts and books. Alongside this, an academic article called “A STUDY ON THE CONCEPTS AND THEMES OF COLOR AND LIGHT IN THE EXQUISITE ISLAMIC ARCHITECTURE” provided me with an insight into symbolism in architectural details.

Below are my sketchbook pages provide a bit more information rather than my random ramblings.

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