Research Methods

I never knew that I could learn so many new definitions within one lecture! I do have to admit I had to look back over this one because content was just not going in at 9am in the morning unfortunately.

This lecture was primarily about research methods and the many types of case study you can do.

What I am going to focus on in this blog post, is the types of case study, because I am still a bit confused about them in all honesty.

Exploratory: In this case study, you must work towards making a hypothesis. That means that the process is open in the terms of methods you use as you have to clarify and state assumptions, motivations and methods in this study. It is mainly four building a theory or model.

Descriptive: In this case study, you start with an existing theory and you use rival hypotheses and theories to develop it. In this type of study, you don’t analyse the data but instead allow the reader to see the strengths and weaknesses of a theory.

Explanatory: This type of case study explains causal relationships and helps to develop theory. By testing theories, you can achieve objectivity through the completion of other explanations. Alongside this, you need to show a logical process of research too.

I hope that is correct! I think the next part is to find examples of these so I can understand the processes further.

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