Symbolism of Moorish Colours

The next port of call for this project was to decide on a colour palette. This is were I usually start my creative journeys as they provide the best inspiration at the beginning.

Moorish culture, like most, has symbolism associated with certain colours. These colours provided the foundation to my colour palette but also provided greater symbolic meaning to the project as well.

The initial colour palette came from a railing I found on Portobello beach. It was painted turquoise but had extensive rust on it. I was drawn to it as it was actually very similar to the colours that I saw within the Alhambra and Moorish architecture.

I developed a lot of these ideas on a physical moodboard, not Pinterest this time! It was really nice to work like this as I have been focusing on improving my digital moodboards. I was even able to add different textures, fabrics, photos and colour swatches, of which you can’t really do on a Photoshop document.

I really enjoyed assembling this colour palette. It was nice working with physical materials rather than working on a screen!

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