My Illustrated Case Study

I haven’t had much time to do this case study but it was enlightening nevertheless.

Recently, I have been trying to stay off my phone and social media. It was really for productivity and mental health reasons that I decided to do so as I am addicted to my phone. I finally admit it! But who isn’t when there is a global pandemic going on.

Anyway, I am digressing.

I just decided to do a simple tally chart for this study. I set an hour aside while I was working, to see how many times I picked up my phone, or went on Facebook, Instagram and Messages.

A tally chart is still a way of illustrating research, however it is more on the basic side. I think that is what made it great for this study though. As I was working, I could just quickly draw a line instead of doing anything more intricate. I think nowadays, we are always trying to find better and new ways of presenting things. However, sometimes the most basic ways can be the most useful.

I hope to do a study like this again, just so maybe I can do something a little more intricate and relevant to my practice.

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