Artist Research

I was thinking about not doing this post, but I just have to mention these two artists that really inspired me during this project.

I have always been interested in the painterly style but have never really had the effort to achieve it. However, after I saw these two artists work, I knew I just had to try it in my own style.

First artist I am going to talk about (actually write about), is Rhi James. You can find her on Instagram here. Rhi recently moved from the UK to Australia, which has obviously influenced her designs.

I just love the style of her paintings and the colour she uses. I think what attracts me the most to her is that she paints places from her travels, and uses a colour palette that gives a whimsical feel to the illustrations. I really want to get my hands on one of her prints or even one of her puzzles!

The next artist is one of ECA’s own, Abigail Featherstone! Abigail is a fourth year illustration student at the Edinburgh College of Art and does beautiful illustrations of landscapes in Whitby and Edinburgh too. You can find her Instagram page here.

Again, I love her use of texture in her drawings as well as the vibrant colours that she uses. I think my favourite piece definitely has to be her painting of the buildings on Forrest Road in Edinburgh. It is a place that I used to frequent, especially for Civerinos pizza! And just look at the way she paints those clouds! I want a print of just clouds in these beautiful colours.

Right. I must stop gushing, but I just feel so inspired now!

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