Alhambra Painting

As mentioned in my previous post, I have always been a fan of the painterly style. I thought it would be a good time to try it out for this IDOT project, especially since I was in a painting mood.

I just started out drawing the outline of this, but it wasn’t long until I just had to get some paint onto the paper. I meant to mix my paint in my palette, but I ended up using a sheet of cardboard to mix paints on. Initially, this was a great idea, until I realised the top layer of the cardboard was coming off within the paint. Not so great!

My colour palette.

I found that painting blocks of colour was a good way to start and then add detail on top with further paints and Posca Markers. I converted to using Posca markers as you have more control of them than a paint brush. I was severely lacking a tiny paint brush during this project, with me constantly struggling to add details where I need them.

Anyway, I survived and created something that I am actually really proud of!

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