Final Wallpaper Designs

It is what we have been waiting for. Finally you guys get to see my final designs! I am sure you guys aren’t as excited as I am to show you these, but they took so long. I was so happy to finish this project after what seemed to be the longest winter semester known to humankind.

So lets start off with my favourite design! This is a half brick repeat wallpaper pattern of my original Alhambra painting. I think what I like most about this design is the symmetrical and geometric nature of the repeat pattern, something you could find in Moorish architecture.

Number two is something a bit more neutral, but nonetheless, I think it still fits the scheme. It is a repeat pattern of my appliqué sample with a lovely gold textured background.

So there you have it, my final designs for this collection (so far)! Hopefully I will be able to get into the print studio soon and hopefully could print these designs onto fabric or just as one long sheet of wallpaper.

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