So at school, we have to pick a topic to last us a year’s project as part of our A-Level. I thought I would share it with you, so you understand where I have got my ideas from and give you a bit of context if I upload more on this topic. I choose this topic as I was inspired by The House that I drew in Figurés and realised that I wanted to do a project on it:

For my Component 1 project, I have chosen to look at Architecture. I wanted a topic that had the ability to challenge me and I feel like with this topic I can extend my knowledge without retracting to my safety net, which has always been florals and the natural world. I chose Architecture because I love the undetected details of buildings. In this project I want to bring attention to the overlooked details such as doors and windows, but also the quality and type of the materials used, to create a range of different buildings.

I originally wanted to look at Architecture such as townhouses in different cities, comparing the differences and similarities in the type of style, design and ascetics.


To begin, I would like to look at architectural materials such as wood, metal, glass and brick, developing textural studies of them. As well as this, I could also look at suspension cables and experiment with knotting and braiding. Techniques such as felting, applique, quilting, knitting and 3D medium could be used to illustrate various textures.

I also like the idea of using a viewfinder to abstract aspects of buildings, making a noticeable feature out of it, rather than it being overlooked. Sandra Meech is an example of an artist who collages elements of buildings together, to make an abstract picture or mood board.

My main source of inspiration come be from looking at different types of buildings in London, where I will take pictures of the entire building as well as close ups of the materials used.  I will take photographs of the iconic buildings as well as panoramic shots of the Banking District of Canary Wharf, an area steeped in modern Architecture, housing a variety of skyscrapers and contemporary buildings created using geometric design and modern building materials including glass and steel. This modern area of London contrasts with traditional Victorian buildings, sash windows, townhouses and shop fronts in the creative district of Kensington. I want to explore the differences between contrasting areas within the same city because it allows me to investigate the evolution of buildings and the differences between architectural design and materials used.  The combination of historical and modern architecture, placed alongside shopping centres, theatres and office blocks epitomises the cosmopolitan nature of London.


I will also take inspiration from Architecture books in the library, using manipulation techniques to photocopy certain buildings and collage them together much like David Hockney.